Haroon represents a number of world renowned manufacturers such as United Technologies Carrier, Marley and Wayne Dresser.

Carrier (Air conditioning equipment):
Evaluating the performance of air conditioners is no easy task. Simply turning the unit on in the store or seeing it on display says nothing about what really matters-how well it cools and how well it removes moisture. A lab designed to simulate an air conditioner running on a muggy day, cost tens of thousands of dollars to build. Other organizations simply can't invest the dollars needed to scientifically test air conditioners in the same way as Carrier has invested. Carrier is by far the top choice for consumer.

Since its invention by Willis Carrier our product line includes chillers from 5 kW to 5.3 MW; a range of complimentary fan coil units, dry coolers and control systems. Our direct expansion ranges include mobile air conditioners; energy efficient split systems and an extensive range of packaged units.

You are welcome to contact us for your needs for the Bangladesh market. Expertise is available by our well trained engineers who go through a continuous education program. People are our most valuable assets. Haroon Engineering Limited and Carrier are committed to training and developing our employees by providing continuous educational and training programs.

Air conditioning equipment ranging from 9000 BTUH up to any tonnage required can be supplied and installed by Haroon. Units for residential, commercial or industrial purposes are expertise of Haroon. Residential units are termed as low end as they are of smaller capacity and High end units are usually for commercial and industrial purposes. Currently Haroon stocks the following models approved for the Bangladesh market.

12000 BTUH
18000 BTUH
24000 BTUH
36000 BTUH
48000 BTUH
60000 BTUH

Products in this category are based on client order.