The company was established in 1954. From its date of establishment Haroon Engineering has made a commitment to provide unmatched services for the world leading products and equipments it represents.

Haroon Engineering has a well trained and conscientious (permanent) staff of 180 people. 30 out of these are experienced engineers. The staff undertakes continuous training programs arranged by the company through its principals, seminars, conferences and independent training programs.

Haroon Engineering considers its staff as its prime asset. Apart from this Haroon Engineering has invested heavily in leading edge technology and procured advanced equipment for engineering works including world renowned Computer Controlled Auto Fold Duct Fabrication Machine, Transverse Flange Duct (TFD) Machine, Duct Forming Machine, Portable PU Spray Machine, Portable Pipe Jacketing Machine, Water Flow Measuring instrument and many others (an elaborated list may be found under equipment). It may be mentioned here that none of our competitors possess equipments even remotely as advanced as us.

The portfolio of Haroon Engineering's projects is far higher then all the portfolios of our competitors put together making us the leader in HVAC&R in the Country. Haroon Engineering has pioneered in the entire range of air conditioning equipment in Bangladesh. For example we were the first to install the centrifugal chiller, the absorption chiller, screw chiller, reciprocating chiller and so forth.

Apart from this enviable track record of pioneering in equipment, Haroon Engineering is also a pioneer in most sectors such as the first to air-condition hotels (Sonargoan Pan pacific), airport (Zia international airport), Pharmaceuticals (Glaxo Wellcome) and many others firsts. Haroon Engineering has also air-conditioned prestigious projects such as the single largest project, Bashundhara (7000TR), the President House, World Bank Country head Office, DFID and many others.

Haroon being a leader in its own right and Carrier a leading air-conditioning manufacturer have joined their efforts and capabilities together to develop a synergy that results in success, professionalism, capability and satisfaction for the client.

Our diligent focus on air conditioning allows our customers to concentrate on their core business thus delivering their best to the nation. We do believe a comfortable environment increases efficiency and output of people. We at Haroon work hard so you have a comfortable environment to work and live in.