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About Us

Haroon Engineering Limited is Bangladesh's leading company for heating ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R). More than half a century of experience, focus and concentration has given Haroon Engineering an unprecedented advantage over the rest in the country.

The company was established in 1954. From its date of establishment, Haroon Engineering has made a commitment to provide unmatched services for the world leading products it represents. Haroon Engineering has a well-trained and conscientious staff of 250 people. The staff undertakes continuous training programs arranged by the company through its Principals while they also attend seminars, conferences and independant training programs as well.

Haroon Engineering has pioneered in the entire range of air conditioning equipment in Bangladesh. For example, we were the first to install the centrifugal chiller, the absorption chiller, screw chiller, reciprocating chiller and so forth in Bangladesh.

Our Technology

State of the art software

We have software for calculating ducts and pipes requirements and load calculations and a separate team for designing HVAC system.

Creative Engineers

We have CAD facilities in our offices with highly trained engineers with a wealth of experience.


We have our own radio frequency to stay in touch with staff at client site.

Our Facilities and Equipment

Haroon Engineering has its own secured warehousing facility on a 5000 square feet area situated close to the city Dhaka. Apart from this, we have our fully furnished distribution center inside the heart of the city. We also have a fleet of vehicles to cover all our logistical needs.

Some of our featured quipment

  • Computer controlled duct fabrication machine (UK)
  • Transverse flange duct (TFD) machine (Japan)
  • Duct forming machine (Japan)
  • Lock forming machine (USA)
  • Sheet cutter machine (USA)
  • Bender machine (USA)
  • Inclinable power press (40 ton) (China)
  • Automatic pipe threading machine (Japan)

Some of our major projects

Contact us

Call: (880) 2 58815131-2, 58815001-3, 9820948
Sunday-Thursday (9am-5pm)

Email: info@haroonengineering.com
Web: www.haroonengineering.com

Location: 18 Kemal Ataturk Avenue (6th floor)
Banani, Commercial Area Dhaka, Bangladesh

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